Health Benefits of Wine

Health Benefits of Wine

The health benefits of wine have been a long-discussed topic among health-conscious people. Wine has more health benefits than any other alcoholic drink. It contains antioxidants, which help to lower the risks of several diseases. In fact, a recent study has even pointed out that regular drinking of wine can help in preventing and reducing some types of cancer. Therefore, the health benefits of wine certainly are a matter of great concern for many people.

The most apparent health benefit of wine is the lower risk of heart diseases. There are several reasons for this. Red wine contains a lot of, which has antioxidant properties, which prevent damage to the heart by free radicals. Some studies also indicated that when compared to individuals who consume small amounts of alcohol daily, drinking small amounts of red wine on a regular basis is actually linked to a lower risk of cardiac diseases, stroke, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and even early death.

Other studies have indicated that there is a reduction in the aging process in diabetic mice. This proves that wine can actually help maintain and even promote a healthier blood glucose level in human beings. Other research has indicated that moderate consumption of red wine in mice can help the mice live longer and be healthier. Resveratrol has been proven to have many health benefits, including reducing the risk for certain diseases. However, this was observed only when the scientists combined different kinds of grapes in the same dish or wine.

When the scientists found out that the same combination results in better health and longevity of the mice, they changed their minds and made an association between the wine and the improved circulation of the blood. This means that drinking wine on a regular basis actually lowers the risk for heart diseases and general bad health. This is the reason why more people are choosing to drink it. However, the good news is that the combination of fruits and alcohol poses no immediate danger, provided that you do not drink alcohol too heavily or regularly.

Scientists found out that some types of wines have a lot of in them. These types of wines are called ‘white’ or “ultraviolet’ wines. The main grape used in making white wines is the Syrah grape. It was found out that the amount of resveratrol present in the grape must be much higher than the grapes used in producing red wines.

Another interesting fact that came out from the research is that there are two main kinds of wine: red and white. Each type of wine contains its own set of microflavonoids. The micro flavonoids found in red wine or rose wine are known as ‘red wines’ while the ones in white wine are called ‘white wines’. Interestingly, researchers have also found out that these two kinds of microflavonoids possess the same antioxidant properties. The reason behind this is that antioxidants neutralize free radicals which could damage your body’s cells.

Now the health benefits of red and white wine may face a limitation because all wine needs to be kept below 14 proofs (this level is used as the legal drinking age in most states). In addition to this, certain types of grapes need to be grown especially for white wine. So, if you drink a lot of white wine, chances are that you will have to settle for low-quality grapes. Also, most of these grapes grown for this kind of wine are grown in locations that are relatively arid.

Based on what the researchers have said, there is no need for us to abstain from drinking wine altogether. What we can do is to limit the amount that we consume. For most people, moderate wine consumption would be ideal. Only those people with diseases like cancer and neurological disorders should abstain from drinking. For people with normal health, consuming one or two glasses of red wine or one or two glasses of white wine each day will do a lot for their good health.