The Health Benefits of Yams and Sweet Potatoes

yamsIf you are looking for a powerful health benefit of yams, look no further. This traditional food has been used by our ancestors for ages as a part of their diet. It has a number of health benefits, such as helping to prevent colds, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, and other chronic health problems. These benefits come from the healing properties found in the root of the yam. The name “yam” comes from the Latin word “yamp,” which means “good plant.”

One of the best benefits of yams is that it is high in potassium, which is a mineral that keeps your body operating smoothly. Potassium helps regulate blood pressure, muscle contractions, and the fluid that circulates throughout the body. Other common foods that are rich in potassium include bananas, strawberries, peppers, apples, melons, peaches, spinach, cantaloupe, raisins, and many others. To get the recommended daily dosage of potassium, eat foods that are rich in potassium, such as bananas, strawberries, spinach and apples.

Yams are also very good for your skin. The yellow skin of yams makes it very easy to peel, making this a useful addition to your healthy diet. Yellow skinned varieties of sweet potatoes are especially beneficial to skin health. Because of the positive effects of the skin on your health, the yams are high in Vitamin A, another essential nutrient for healthy skin. Many studies show the positive effects of eating yams on skin and other related health problems, such as skin cancer. Yams are also a good source of vitamin E, another antioxidant that protects against the sun’s damaging rays.

The potassium found in yams is also a good source of protein. Protein is an essential part of maintaining good health. Without enough protein, the body cannot build new cells. In addition to being a good source of protein, yams are also a good source of fiber. They have more fiber than any other vegetable, including corn, and their high level of fiber keeps harmful toxins from building up in the colon, which can contribute to digestive problems.

Finally, yams are a good source of dietary fiber. This dietary fiber keeps LDL or bad cholesterol levels down in the bloodstream. High LDL cholesterol levels are known to be associated with coronary artery disease. Consuming yams on a regular basis helps to reduce the risks of heart disease.

As far as the taste goes, most people love sweet potatoes. However, there are those who do not care for them as much as they do for yams. Because of this, you will often find yams and sweet potatoes on the same dinner plate. If you are trying to decide between the two, keep in mind that the skin of yams is a little bit more bitter than that of sweet potatoes. However, if you add the skin to your dinner plate, you will enjoy the flavor of both these tubers, which makes them a very good choice for a healthy and delicious dinner.

While they are both excellent vegetables, there are some health benefits of yams that you may not be aware of. For example, this vegetable helps to prevent the formation of type 2 diabetes because it contains a type of potassium. Potassium helps regulate blood sugar levels. Therefore, if you are diabetic, adding sweet potatoes to your diet may help keep your blood sugar stable.

Constipation is a common problem in American diets today. A large amount of starch and fiber in sweet potatoes makes them a natural stool softener. In addition, yams are full of iron, which helps prevent anemia and strengthen the immune system. As you can see, adding yams to your diet has many health benefits. However, if you suffer from constipation, you should only eat sweet potatoes and avoid starchy foods like corn flakes.